Christmas Tour of Savannah. 
Hot Cocoa, a cookie, and enjoy the old tradition of telling haunted tales during Christmas

For the last 100 years, Americans have kept ghosts in their place, letting them out only in October. It’s no coincidence that the most famous Christmas story is a ghost story. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was first published in 1843, and its story about a man tormented by a series of ghosts the night before Christmas belonged to a once-rich, now mostly forgotten tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve. Dickens’ supernatural yuletide terror was no outlier since for much of the 19th century, was the holiday indisputably associated with ghosts and specters. *

Christmas in Savannah has always been a magical time of the year. Come early and grab yourself a cup of Hot Cocoa and holiday refreshments before the Christmas tour begins at 7:30pm . Walk through the streets of Savannah and enjoy the stories of morbid endings and haunted happenings as we celebrate this holiday season.

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